E-learning - complete this course in the comfort of your own home or at work.

Complete this easy-to-follow Neonatal & Paediatric Phlebotomy on your computer or tablet and in your own time. The course can be completed in stages - you have 4 weeks to complete the course in full. Once completed you will immediately be able to download your pass certificate. (Your new accredited certificate will be posted to you within 8 weeks.)
The nationally recognised and accredited certificate (awarded by the Open College Network) can be added to your existing certificate credit value (cumulative credits), and these may also count towards other similar college or university courses.


This course is supplements our Introduction to Phlebotomy Course or natural progression route for practicing and experienced phlebotomists wishing to expand on their existing phlebotomy qualifications. The course is also open to anyone completing another (approved) provider's phlebotomy training course.

At the end of each e-learning section you have up to 6 multiple choice questions to answer, with a passmark of 65%. You can re-sit each section up to 2 times.

This course is suitable for you if:

You currently work (or have recently worked) as a phlebotomist and wish to add an accredited validity to your competency.

You have completed the Introduction to Phlebotomy Course (GPT001, GPT002 or GPT003) or have completed a similar course from an approved supplier and wish to update and renew your accreditation.

Add to your CPD (continual professional development) or if requested by your employer as part of your CPD or Induction Programme.

(Completion of this course adds to your existing credit value and awards an Advanced Level Three Certificate)

Topics covered include:

M00:  Introduction and Course Overview
M01:  Introduction to Neonatal and Paediatric Phlebotomy
M02:  Definitions
M03:  Why specialised training?
M04:  Consent Types and the Law (including Child Protection)
M05:  Psychology Part 1 (Human) and Part 2 (Environmental)
M06:  Pain Relief Options (non-pharmacological & topical analgesia)
M07:  Hygiene and IPC (Infection Prevention & Control)
M08:  Equipment
M09:  Anatomy & Physiology
M10:  Tests and Test Groups
M11:  Site Selection and Procedures - Neonates
M12:  Site Selection and Procedures - Paediatric
M13:  Analytical Errors & Troubleshooting

Additional support material can be downloaded as you progress through the course.


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